Singapore is a country loacted in the centre of South East Asia.

The country is a developed 1st world country and recognise well by most foreigners. The country is full of public transport such as MRT , LRT , Bus, Taxi and Monorail. Despite having the great amount of transport, it is not very efficent.

Taking the MRT, LRT or Bus can be crowded sometimes although if it isn't peak hours. So tourist who can't take it to stand a long time in the MRT should take a taxi. Locals don't encourage to take as it is expensive ever since the rise of taxi fares. Also, locals encourage people to call a cab.

Of course, we're not trying to say we have a unefficent public transport because there is still room for improvement. Most of the vehicles used are modern. SMRT and SBS Transit have already bought new trains and buses.

This is what public transport in Singapore is.