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Syarikat Prasarana Sendirian Berhad or Prasarana Private Limited is owned by the Malaysian goverment. It is setted up to own assets for public transport operators in Malaysia most likely in states of Kuala Lumpur territory and Penang.

Prasarana was set up in 1998 to provide infrastructure and ease financial problems for transport operators.

Prasarana formed RapidKL in 2004 and RapidPenang in 2006. Since the financial crisis in the early 2000s, Prasarana took over two LRT (Light Rail Transit) companies in 2003. The companies are Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan Sdn Bhd or STAR LRT and Projek Usahama Transit Ringan Automatik Sdn Bhd or PUTRA LRT. After the take over, STAR LRT is renamed to Starline and PUTRA LRT is renamed to Putraline. Than a few years later, both lines are renamed again. Starline is now known as Ampang Sri Petaling line and Putraline is now known as Kelana Jaya line.

Before the change, there was a shuttle bus company called "Putraline". The company terminate its service and merge with Intrakota and City Liner.

RapidKL began service in 2004 and it is operating LRT's, busses, monorail and the upcoming KVMRT (Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit). In 2004, after a year Prasarana take over the two LRT companies, Prasarana decided who should operate the LRT system. They asked RapidKL to operate it. Than in the same year, Rapid KL took over City Liner. It is their first time operating bus services. Finally in 2007, RapidKL took over KL Monorail due to safety (such as monorail tyres falling down from the trains) and financial issues. Rapid KL was given to operate the upcoming KVMRT in 2010.

RapidPenang began service in 2006 and it is only operating busses and the upcoming Penang Monorail (not confirmed yet by the goverment). The company was setted up to improve bus services in Penang. It is the first time Prasarana set up a transport company in Penang. The company was also function to compete with RapidKL and other transport companies. In 2007, the Penang Monorail is planned and ready for construction but in 2008, the project is delayed due to few realigntments and other changes.

Prasarana is currently one of Malaysia's riches companies.

KL Monorail logo

Former KL Monorail logo.

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Former Ampang Sri Petaling LRT line

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Former Kelana Jaya LRT line logo.

Klang Valley MRT plans

KVMRT plans