LTA logo

LTA logo

Land Transport Authority or LTA is a company formed by the Singapore goverment. The company is incharge of roads, public transport and infrastructure.

LTA started in 1995 when several companies merge. These companies are: MRTC (Mass Rapid Transit Coporation), Registry of Vehicles, Roads and Transport Division of the Public Works Department of Singapore and Land Transport Division.

The purporse of LTA is to provide:

  • cheap transportation
  • convenience
  • reducing congestion and jams on roads
  • infrastructure
  • road safety
  • and many more...

LTA's headquarters is at the former Kadang Kerbau Women's and Children's Hospital next to Little India MRT station. LTA also have other outlets such as the one somewhere near Thomson. Its outlets are meant for motorist to pay their summons or renewing their license.

LTA has a small musuem inside its headquarters. It is called the LTA Gallery. It is a fun and interactive way to learn and explore about Singapore's public transport from the past to the future. No admissions is needed unless you are bringing 28 people or more so you have to pay in $28 Singapore.

LTA's goal for Singapore in the future is to expand its MRT system and build more highways and roads to reduce congestion.